Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BIRI - The Automated Homebrewing System

Here is a report which fully outlines the building of BIRI. Bear in mind that this is the first version, we will be adapting and releasing new versions in future so keep checking. Link to the Report

We plan on changing the design of the Hop hopper and adding a more powerful stepper motor for the propane valve.

Follow this link to download the Arduino Code at GitHub. All the coding is well commented. All information we provide is open source. Please use, add to and adapt. We just ask that you let us know what you have done!

Major Components Labeled

1) The hop hopper   
2) The hop chute  
3) The boil kettle   
4) The digital temperature sensor   
5) The circuit storage box       
6) The stepper motor controlled LPG needle valve  
7) The LPG burner         
8) The LPG gas sensor   
9) The laptop User Interface

Detailed Photos

Wiring and Logic

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Formula SAE

I was a member of the Formula SAE team at San Jose State University for a number of years. I was the Powertrain Team Lead for one season. See my resume for more details.

Some testing without the body.

Dyno testing the engine at SJSU

Inertia Dynamometer CAD

Some screen caps of the inertia dynamometer I designed during my internship.
These drawings were done in PRO-E.

Dyno Drawings

The CAD model for the Inertia Dynamometer designed by myself while working as an Intern.

Check out the rest of the drawing: